Masturbation Notification App

I was talking with a friend today, and I came up with an idea for a story that I like.  Not entirely sure what I’d do with it, though.  The idea is that there’d be some sort of app for your phone.  Every time someone masturbates to the thought of you, you get a little notification.  “Matthew Vett just masturbated to you.”  Maybe it can even be more specific, something like, “Matthew Vett just masturbated to you for five minutes.  He was thinking about you sucking his cock.”

The catch is that it sends every time, whether the masturbator wants it to or not.  I’d be unable to stop it from telling my friends every time I masturbate to them, which would quickly end up being fairly embarrassing, at my rate.  I can just imagine some of my friends getting a notification every few days.  And then we meet up in person and she teases me over it, for masturbating to her so often, making fun of me being unable to control myself.  Maybe she starts dressing sluttier around me so tempt me more.

Another possibility my friend brought up is of a girl getting notified that her friend’s boyfriend or husband is masturbating to her.  I think that’s an interesting twist, with an added layer of awkwardness to it.  And that awkwardness and embarrassment is what I like about the idea.  Just not really sure how to make a whole story about it, though.  It’d make for a nice scene, but a whole story?  I’m just not sure how I would stretch it out.

Any thoughts?

52 Scenes – Scene 22: Shapeshifter Foreplay

I’ve wanted to do a series for a while about dating various types of monster girls: lamias, centaurs, &c.  I was recently inspired to write a little shapeshifter scene.  This might become part of a longer date story.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

“So, which one of our friends do you think is most attractive?” she asked, the cup of coffee almost hiding a Cheshire Cat grin.

“This feels like a trick question.”


“I’m pretty sure when your date asks you who you find attractive, the only acceptable answer is her,” I explained.

“I don’t care,” she said, her hair changing from black to red, her nose shrinking, her lips puffing out.  “Any look is just a mask for me, anyway.  I’m not going to be offended if you prefer I wear one to the other.”  Her face reverted back to how it had looked before.  “I mean, yeah, I like this face, but it’s not me any more than your blue shirt defines you more than a red one.  I saw her in an art museum and thought she looked good.  When I get bored of it, I’ll borrow another face to use as my regular one.  If I didn’t have to worry about people recognizing me, I’d probably wear something different every day.  So tell me, who do you think is hot that we both know?”

She set down her drink and closed her eyes.  Her hair turned blue.  Tattoos spread across her skin.  Her face softened as her body plumped out.  In moments, she had transformed into Stephanie.  Her shirt had noticeably tightened.  Very noticeably…  What had been a modest top on Jennifer’s chest was obscenely tight on Stephanie’s.  I raised my eyes and caught her smirk.  “You’re a fan of these, aren’t you?” she asked with a jiggle, her voice no longer her own.  She looked down and pulled out her shirt.  “I don’t blame you, they’re pretty amazing.  I’ve noticed you stealing glances.  Aren’t you curious?  Do you want a real look?”

I bit my lip and stuffed my hands under my armpits, averted my eyes as I debated myself.  It felt wrong to say yes.  It felt voyeuristic, like I was spying on Stephanie.  But it wasn’t actually her, just someone who looked just like her.  But she was my friend.  But it was more like seeing your friend’s twin naked, right?  It wasn’t really wrong, just potentially awkward next time you saw her…

“Sure,” I answered.

“I knew you would.”  Jennifer lifted her top up over her head, exposing Stephanie’s full, beautiful breasts, firm and round, so often the subject of my fantasies.  I stared transfixed at her pale, heavy bosom.  She laughed loudly and placed her hands behind her head.  “God, you are such a guy.  Go ahead, give them a squeeze.  You know you want to.”  I couldn’t deny that…  I reached out and took those soft tits into my hands.  Her hard nipples pressed gently against my palms as I massaged her chest.  A tiny moan escaped Jennifer’s lips.  “Mmm, you’re good at this.  Stephanie’s missing out…”   Continue reading

52 Scenes – Scene 21: Girlfriend’s Sister Plays VR

I started this for a story, but I kind of lost interest and moved onto other things.  The basic gist is that the guy’s going to be used to teach his girlfriend how to give a proper blowjob by her older sister, as a teaching aid.  I still like the idea, so I might come back to it, although this isn’t the only scenario I have in mind for that particular idea.  Let me know what you think!

“Oh!  Do you guys want to check out this new game I got while we’re waiting?” Rosemary asked.  “It’s really fun!  It’s one of those virtual reality games, and you explore the ocean.  It’s just gorgeous.  Do you want to try it out?”


“Yeah, sure.  Sounds fun,” I replied.


“Awesome!  Let me just set it up.”  She went over to her computer, turned it on, and got things ready.  I put my towel onto the sofa and sat down next to Olivia.


While Rosemary was turned away, Olivia placed her hand on my thigh, lazily circling.  I squirmed in my seat a bit.  “Quit it,” I whispered.  She just smiled and inched her hand up, sliding it up underneath my swim trunks, her touch electric.  “She’s right there,” I weakly protested.  She was already finding the game on Steam and starting it up.  Olivia’s fingertips brushed against my stiffening manhood as my hips bucked, my body wanting more.


“All set!” Rosemary announced.  Olivia’s hand darted out, leaving behind no evidence but my hard-on straining against my trunks.  Thanks, Olivia…  Rosemary went over to the television, grabbed two controllers and a VR headset, and brought them over to us.  “Which one of you wants to go first?” she asked us, looking from Olivia to me, with, I noticed, or possibly imagined, a brief glance towards my lap and a knowing smirk.


“Do you want to try it, Michael?  I’m not really into video games,” Olivia asked.


I crossed my legs.  “How about you go first, Rose?  Show me how it works.  I’ve never tried a virtual reality game before.”


“Okay.”  She put the headset on and took up the controllers.



Olivia elbowed me.  “I’m gonna go get a drink, do you want anything?”


“Can you get me a Coke?”

Continue reading

XCOM: Droit du Serpent

XCOM: Droit du Serpent

Author’s Note: If you’re unfamiliar, XCOM is a strategy game that places you in control of XCOM, fighting against alien invaders.  Lily Shen is from XCOM 2, at which point the aliens have already taken over, but a small band of resistance fighters, including Lily, continue to fight against them. 

* * * * *

The Avenger slept.  Beneath the moonlit night, it sat nestled within a canyon, deep enough to avoid Advent scanners, wide enough to allow for an emergency take-off in case it didn’t.  Within its alien geometries and cavernous rooms, its massive power plant throbbed and hummed.

A few unlucky rookies on watch duty kept each other awake on the bridge with coffee and stories of missions both successful and failed.  Everyone else was in bed, either sleeping or fucking.  Everyone except for Lily Shen, Chief Engineer, that is, who was working alone in the Proving Ground, in sore need of both.

“Think this’ll do it, ROV-R,” she commented to the small robot hovering beside her, who whirred affirmatively.  “Alright, test it out.  Just a quick blast.”

ROV-R turned towards the articulated mannequin wearing a prototype E.X.O. Suit.  The mannequin lifted its arm at a painted Viper target and pulled the trigger for the wrist-mounted flamethrower.

After Lily had put out the fire from the explosion, she sighed deeply.  “We’ve got a problem, ROV-R…  Any ideas?”

The Gremlin beeped and chirped.  “You’re right!  I forgot about those.  I don’t think Dad ever got the chance to build one for real before…  But I remember he had notes on powered armor that utilized flamethrower weaponry.  With his notes, I bet I can get this thing working in time for that supply raid.

“Dad’s notes…where did I leave them?”

ROV-R whistled.  “Great…”  The Shadow Chamber…  Central would give her an earful if he caught her in there without an armed escort.  The last soldier who had dared had been reassigned to a New Arctic reconnaissance base indefinitely.  It could probably wait until morning…

…But that would be half a day wasted.  And that convoy could leave for Berlin any moment.  Even a delay of a few hours could be the difference between the strike team having a new weapon or not.

“ROV-R, disable the security cameras outside and inside the Shadow Chamber,” she instructed, grabbing a pistol from its rack and her bag of tools.  “Anyone asks, we’re there to fix the cameras.  And if we get caught in the Shadow Chamber…well, I’ll come up with something.”

* * * * *

Lily opened the door to the Shadow Chamber.  “Stay here, ROV-R.  Keep guard.  I’ll be right back,” she instructed the Gremlin.  She walked inside.  Unsleeping monitors bathed the room in an eldritch, amethyst glow.  It was cold, far chillier than the rest of the Avenger.  Even at the best of times, the room was unsettling.  Alone, at night?  It was downright creepy.  Not even the mag pistol on her hip gave her much comfort.

Of course, Lily mused, had she actually been alone, it would have been far preferable.  But the room contained one other occupant.  Sealed within a reinforced-glass cylinder in the center of the room was Subject Gamma.  His long, pallid body curled up within the container, his mazarine stripes and ebony spikes the only color on that ivory form.

Bradford has christened him the Viper King, but Lily personally disapproved of the name.  She saw nothing kingly in that king’s behavior.  It was a monster, plain and simple.  It had killed Sergeant Liu when XCOM had first discovered his nest, and would have murdered Bradford, too, were it not for a lucky shot with an antiquated arc thrower that had stunned the monster long enough for it to be retrieved alive.  As it was, it had broken two of Bradford’s ribs.  Keeping something so dangerous on board the ship just to satisfy the doctor’s curiosity struck Lily as idiocy bordering on the suicidal, but the commander had assented to Tygan’s bold undertaking, and that was that.

At the very least, Lily had ensured that the Shadow Chamber was well-equipped to hold the serpent.  Sometimes she thought that she should find some Schadenfreude in the doctor’s experiments on Gamma, but despite its monstrosity, she could derive no joy from its pain and imprisonment.  It should be euthanized and dissected.  But if the doctor could save a single human’s life or shorten the war by a single day through his studies, then it was for the greater good, she reasoned.  Didn’t mean she liked it. Continue reading

Accident at an Asian Massage Parlor

Accident at an Asian Massage Parlor

I stepped out of the winter air and into the lobby of Paradise Massage.  A bell on the door jingled as it closed, alerting a woman to my presence.  She emerged from the nearby hallway and stepped demurely towards the desk.

“Hello,” she greeted me, a slight smile upon her lips, her fruity voice as lovely as her tall, ravishing face.  She looked mature, but still youthful.  I guessed she was about forty from the few barely visible crinkles at the edges of her dark, crescent eyes.  But her amber skin glowed and her jet black hair shimmered with the vitality of a woman half her age.

“Hi.  I have an appointment for 1 o’clock.”

“Your name?”


She checked the schedule in front of her.  I took a look around.  A bouquet of crimson azaleas sat in a stout vase on the desk.  Behind her, a golden dragon adorned the wall, dancing beneath gilded Chinese characters, reminding all who entered that this was, indeed, an Asian massage parlor.  A little on the nose, I thought.  Opposite the desk was a sofa and a small refrigerator, filled with various drinks.  I made a note to grab a Coke on my way out.  On the wall hung wooden carvings of women engaged in various rustic professions: farming, fishing, and sewing.

“Ah, yes, here you are.  Roger.  My name is Lin, and I’ll be your masseuse today.  Please, follow me,” she instructed.  She led me through a keyhole door and the subsequent hallway, her plump ass swaying hypnotically, her shorts revealing a pair of long, toned legs.  She stopped at room three and ushered me into the dimly lit room.  “Please undress and lay down on the table.  You can leave your clothes on the chair,” she told me as she closed the door.

I did so and lay down on the table, only to realize I couldn’t find a towel or anything with which to cover myself.  I looked around for something, but I couldn’t see any draping.  Had she forgotten?  Or was its absence intentional?  Was that just how they did massages here?  Or was more than a massage on the menu?

I hadn’t gotten a massage in years, but had decided to reward myself with one after an intense month at work and a suggestion from a coworker.  This place had had a coupon online, and its reviews were good, so I made an appointment.  None of the reviews had mentioned anything illicit, but then again, they probably wouldn’t, would they?  It was hard to imagine someone writing, “Awesome blowjob!  5 stars!” or, “Great handjobs.  Even better than my wife’s.  Definitely coming back!” on the parlor’s Yelp page.

Still, I felt like an idiot laying down naked on the table, my ass in the air.  Was she going to think I was trying to wrangle a happy ending out of her?  Would she tell me to get out?  Call the cops?  But without anything to cover myself with, it was hard to see what else I could do but wait here bare-ass naked.  Worst case scenario, she’d probably just tell me to cover up and forget about it.  I plonked my head down into the face cradle and waited.

It wasn’t long before the door opened and footsteps entered the room.  I didn’t hear a gasp or a scream of disgust, so I figured I had made, if not the right choice, an at-least-tolerable one.  The door closed and classical music began to play softly.  The lights dimmed.  “Do you prefer hard or soft?” came a familiar, accented voice from above me.

“Hard, please.”  Her hands pressed against my skin as she commenced the massage, putting heavy pressure into my knotted muscles.  A groan escaped my lips as she slid her palms along the length of my back in slow, smooth strokes, her hands stopping at my tailbone.  So, no towel it was, then.  That was fine.  I wasn’t very modest, anyway.  But still, I moved my legs closer together and wished I could see just how immodest I was being, though.  Just how exposed was I?  It was too bad I couldn’t astral project.  It would be really handy right now to be able to see myself from the outside.

Her manual skill soon dispelled any worries from my mind, however.  She was good.  I felt I was going to melt into the table.  She removed her hands for a moment, and when she returned, she came bearing oil.  Soon my skin was slick with the scented oil, and the aroma of lavender enveloped us.  The table creaked as she climbed on top of it and continued to massage me, her thighs straddling my buried head, her hands kneading my shoulders.  If only I had been facing up… Continue reading

Video Game Crushes: Part 2

I did an earlier version here, but it was mostly older games.  And since then, there’s been a lot of great women in games I’ve played, so I decided to make an addendum.

First is Catherine and Ophelia from Divinity: Dragon Commander.  IThey’re from the same game, but they’re pretty much opposites in terms of personality.

20160708144335_1Ophelia is the Undead princess, one of several princesses you can marry.  She’s devoted, sweet, charming, articulate, loyal, and willing to go against the Undeads’ typical annoying orthodoxy, which earns her bonus points.  I admit, I’m a fan of the sugar skull look, so that’s why I picked her to begin with, but I was glad I did.  I really wanted to help her with her problem and I was willing to do some unsavory things to guarantee her success.  I’m going to spoil a bit, so stop reading now if you’re really curious about what happens to her.  You can start reading again the paragraph after.

After she gets a flesh body once again, she also spends her time hanging around nearly naked except for a red loincloth.  Perhaps a little bit worryingly, she also talks about taking frequent walks in the sunshine despite never wearing a top again, so it’s entirely possible that the imperial breasts are a public matter.  What can I say?  I like a woman with confidence in her body.

20160704185238_1Catherine, meanwhile, is one of your generals and used to be a queen in her own right.  She’s willful, brash, bold, and has an odd penchant for implying you’re impotent or poorly endowed.  Even though she’s not meant to be a romantic option, I admit that after Ophelia, she was my most favorite woman in the game.  What’s not to like about a woman who’s unafraid to stand up to an emperor and a dragon?  She’s also passionate about her causes and willing to fight for them.  Plus there’s just something about her hands-on-hips stance that really appeals to me and I’m not sure what it is.  I like her atypical looks, too.

As for the game itself, it’s a unique offering.  If you like strategy and story, check it out.

2016-02-20_00003Next is Lily Shen, from XCOM 2.  She’s your chief engineer, and shows an endearing fondness for her robot ROV-R.  She’s also determined and hard-working, and had a great dad.  She’s also compassionate, which led me to ship her with various aliens throughout the game.  I’m actually working on a story with her now.  We’ll see how that goes.  It’s quite a bit different from any of my other works.  And I’ll admit, the fact that she’s Chinese certainly didn’t hurt.  I also love her tattoo.  I’ll have to see if I can get it on a t-shirt or something.

As for her game, XCOM 2 is probably my favorite PC game of all time.  I loved the original XCOM, and XCOM 2 improved on it in every way.  If I were to ever create my dream game, it would take a lot from XCOM 2.

A more obscure one is Sasha, from Tropico 4.  She’s the representative of the Soviets, and she’s got a Siberian look going on.  I really love Tropico’s sense of humor.  I really wish Agent Sasha had made it into Tropico 5.  5 definitely lacks some of the vibrancy that 4 had.  But anyways, she’s got a cute accent, good looks despite the stylized art of the game, and I like her comical Communist remarks.  One of my favorites is when in one mission, you manage to pull one over on the imperialist powers, and Sasha tells you that they were all laughing about it in their secret KGB base on your island.


I admit, I’ve got a big thing for armored women, so it’s no surprise that Pharah makes the list.  I admit, I’ve only played Overwatch during the free weekend and the open beta, but Pharah quickly became my favorite.  Pharmercy is my favorite ship currently, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.  She reminds me a bit of Samus Aran, which is probably why I’m so fond of her.  Sadly, you don’t get much of her personality in the game itself, but luckily there’s some extra lore to help flesh her out.  She’s altruistic, and seeks to protect others.  Her mom’s pretty cool, too.  I just wish it were easier to survive while using her Barrage.  I feel like it’s announcing to the enemy team that you’re weary of life.

impa-hyrule-warriorsAnd continuing the theme of armored women, we have Impa, from Hyrule Warriors.  Previous iterations of Impa never did anything for me, but there’s something about her Hyrule Warriors rendition that I just love.  I spent pretty much the entire game shipping her with Princess Zelda.  Hard not to, with lines like, “It’s dangerous to go alone.  Take me!”  She’s definitely dedicated to the princess and the kingdom, and I love the way she handles herself.  Doesn’t hurt that she’s my favorite character to play as, either.  I love her combination of mobility and strength.  I like the thought of a woman who’d protect you so thoroughly.  For a while I was planning on writing a story about her and Zelda.  Might still go back to it one of these days.  I’ve been meaning to return to Hyrule Warriors.

Well, that’s it for me.  How about you?  Any video game crushes?



Asian Nudists 4

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